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Hi! I'm Andy Najera, creator of SaxTracksonline.

"In my career I've been fortunate to  work with some great  artists, and I look forward to  working with you!"

I Play: Tenor Sax, Alto sax, Baritone Sax, and Soprano Sax, Clarinet and Flute.

I  Cover 
Classical, Contemporary, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz

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'The Gang'

ROUTE 66 Cropped (1)

'Route 66  Blues Band'




'Playboy Jazz Festival'


All Tracks Are Client Tracks

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Are you hearing what I'm hearing?

A Torchy Alto Sax solo on your ballad, or maybe a burning Tenor solo on a rock track.  How about some subsonic blasts from my

Baritone Sax on your 50's style tune?  Or maybe there is a melody line you would like doubled on Soprano  Sax...

Do you have a Sax Quartet written and collecting dust on a shelf?  Any of these ideas can

 become a reality with a few clicks of a mouse at Saxtracksonline.

We have the technology, so why not use it?

With my experience combined with your talent, we can make some beautiful music! In a very short time you could be hearing what you've been

missing, for a fraction of the cost for studio time, an Engineer, another Sax Player, and a Producer.

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How To

How do I get my songs to you?

Contact me for info on how to upload an AIFF, Wave, or SD2 file at Saxtracksonline. I will give you the login info. If it is not a full band recording please supply a reference track on the left and a click track on the right . Please also provide the BPM.

How do I get the track that I want?

Give me as much information as you can about the type (Tenor,Alto,Soprano or Baritone ) sax you want and the style you would like played.Then give me a brief guide as to where you would like me to play. A chart or lead sheet could also be very helpful.

Example: 8 bar intro features light sax fills.

2nd  verse sax answers vocals

Bridge: Sax leads out into sax solo etc...

These are just a few ways we can work together. Video chats about your project are also possible. I can also simply supply you with a couple of solo tracks to cut up and splice.

818-378-8007 or  818-835-0506 


Andy Najera


818-378-8007 Business only please!



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I guarantee you'll get the tracks you want...

or you don't pay!


Craig Sharmat www.scoredog.tv

Pat Bautz www.Realdrumstudio.com


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Ben E King

Sam Moore

The Platters

2018 Playboy Jazz Festival:

Roy Gaines "Tuxedo Big Band"



Craig For Saxtracksonline

"I have used Andy on everything from Fox promos, to jazz cuts, to regional news music and more. Andy has a inside understanding of many musical genres. I have barely scratched the surface on using his strengths, and with continued luck in my career, will hopefully get a further chance to exploit his talents."

Craig Sharmat Composer

"Oh, My God!"

"I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I first put your tracks on top of mine!! My face hurts from smiling so big!!

The "Icansho" sax is absolutely perfect. I have no changes to request.

The " Primodilla" sax was great, but I would like it if you could do one more pass where you play along, exactly with the piano. You don't need to do the whole track over again-unless you were planning on using a different mic.

I am a Very satisfied client and I will definitely be using your services again."


Vince on Saxtracksonline

"Andy did a great job for me playing a bluesy tenor sax track for a song I'm pitching for film/TV spots. He was prompt and took care of all my special requests--a real pleasure to work with."

I'm Tired, So Tired (of Waiting for You) - © 2005 Vince
Constantino - ideascapes music (ASCAP)

Thanks again for the playing--I like how it turned out.


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