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I have used Andy on everything from Fox promos, to jazz cuts, to regional news music and more. Andy has a inside understanding of many musical genres. I have barely scratched the surface on using his strengths, and with continued luck in my career, will hopefully get a further chance to exploit his talents.

Craig Sharmat Composer


"Andy did a great job for me playing a bluesy tenor sax track for a song I'm pitching for film/TV spots. He was prompt and took care of all my special requests--a real pleasure to work with."

I'm Tired, So Tired (of Waiting for You) - © 2005 Vince
Constantino - ideascapes music (ASCAP)

Thanks again for the playing--I like how it turned out.



Oh, My God.

I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I first put your tracks on top of mine!! My face hurts from smiling so big!!

The "Icansho" sax is absolutely perfect. I have no changes to request.

The " Primodilla" sax was great, but I would like it if you could do one more pass where you play along, exactly with the piano. You don't need to do the whole track over again-unless you were planning on using a different mic.

I am a Very satisfied client and I will definitely be using your services again.


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